Are you a beauty business owner looking to make 2019 your best EVER?

Do you want more clients, more repeat bookings and more time off all whilst charging what you truly are worth?

Do you like a challenge?

If so, read on for how it could all be so very different for you from just nine weeks from now...

Hi, I’m Hollie Power. 

I'm a beauty business coach who loves to work with business owners like you to help you get the return on your efforts that you truly crave and deserve.  I also own a very successful day spa and beauty salon in Bournemouth, which I've grown from nothing over the last 7 years to become one of the most prominent and successful in the area, picking up multiple awards along the way.

If you want to accelerate your business growth this year, have more time off, have less stress in your workplace or even just get your business off the ground and closer to where you want to be then this might just be the most important information you’ll ever read.

Introducing my most complete package for business transformation yet, and with a NEW TWIST;
9 Weeks To A Rocking Beauty Business
68 Mini Plans To Take You From Average To Awesome!

I’ve crammed 68 of the most important business, marketing and
sales lessons into one incredible resource, which we be delivered over 9 unbelievable weeks of learning.

This will be a complete top to toe overhaul for your
business to take it to the next level.   

Plus you'll be accountable to other business owners like you to make sure that you're actually get what you're learning implemented in your business.


More Clients

Your Clients Coming Back More Often

Your Clients Spending More With You AND

Be The Number One In Your Area



Learn The Strategies I’ve Successfully Used

Create A Loyal Following

Stop Wasting Money On Ineffective Advertising

Sell More Products AND

Have People Beating A Path To Your Door


So what exactly is 9 Weeks To A Rocking Beauty Business?

Well in the last year I've documented everything which has made my own beauty business a success and turned that information into 68 essential mini plans.

I believe these are the 68 most important elements to have in your business to ensure that it returns the life you want and helps you to achieve your goals.

They cover every essential element for success today and are delivered digitally over 9 exciting weeks.  

They'll be yours to keep forever and refer back to throughout the year as you take the next steps in your magical business journey.   

Plus, you'll not be alone.  You'll have the ongoing support of hundreds of other beauty business owners just like you who have already completed the course.   

This will also give the accountability to ensure that what you're learning is also being applied in your business.

The complete list of the mini guides, delivered over the 9 weeks, is as follows - 

1. Branding
2. Having a clear USP
3. Becoming an expert
4. Winning awards
5. Customer service
6. Choosing your niche
7. Offering a guarantee
8. Treatment pricing
9. Your premises
10. Product sales
11. Treatment rooms
12. Price lists
13. Branded clothing and accessories
14. Name badges
15. Competitions
16. Bartering
17. Extending treatment times
18. Premium priced products
19. Staff brainpower
20. Looking after your team
21. Recruitment
22. Outsourcing
23. Client relationship building
24. Getting clients to return
25. VIP schemes
26. Getting referrals
27. Loyalty schemes
28. Feedback
29. Testimonials
30. Joint ventures
31. Networking
32. Marketing materials
33. Testing your marketing
34. Your database

35. Online booking system
36. Free publicity
37. Your website checklist 
38. Web domain and email address
39. Website goals
40. Google analytics
41. Data capture
42. Email marketing
43. Video
44. Photos
45. Free traffic - a warning
46. Pay per click
47. Remarking
48. Google my business
49. SEO
50. Blogging
51. Local business websites
52. YouTube
53. Voucher sites
54. Facebook
55. Twitter
56. Instagram
57. LinkedIn
58. Google+
59. Exhibitions
60. Business cards
61. Newspaper and magazine adverts
62. Direct mail
63. Special offers
64. Loss leaders
65. Vehicle branding
66. Event nights
67. Distribute samples
68. Going mobile

I'm sure you'll agree that's a LOT of information!
Within each mini plan I dig deep in the how and why so that you can implement these into your business straight away
Three Powerful Reasons Why
You Should Believe What I Say

Reason One: 

No fluff and no hype required here; my program just flat out works and I have reaped the rewards myself.  

Seven years ago I had a problem. I took a leap of faith and swung open the doors of my first salon.

I was sure that if I built it then they would come.  

But they didn’t.  

And no customers means no business.    

I had to commit to years of learning to ensure that I could work out how to attract clients - the right clients - to keep coming back to me time and time again.

I don’t have that problem anymore.   

I now have a different problem.  

So many clients that I can’t service them all!   It’s a much nicer problem to have.

It worked for me and I know it can work for you, too.

Reason Two: 

I put my money where my mouth is with an iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

I am so confident of my program that I’ll take all the risk for you. 

I am offering a 90 day money back no questions asked guarantee

I’m that confident that this can work in your business!   

If you don’t think this has been worth the investment for you then I’ll gladly return your money.  

No wriggle out clauses and no quibbles.  

Heck, you can even keep the materials.   

I really can’t say fairer than that, can I?

Reason Three: 

I have an arsenal of results based testimonials from my clients. 

These are real results that real people have achieved using my strategies. 

You’ll hear from some of these people in a moment. (And by the way, these are NOT made up. You’ve probably seen some of them already on my social pages anyway).


You don't have to listen to my advice or use the strategies I've used.

I mean, you could always use trial and error and figure it out for yourself.

Or you could do what most people do (which is nothing at all).


You can use a system designed specifically for the hair and beauty industries which is 100% guaranteed and has already been proven to be wildly effective!

This one really should be a complete no brainer for you!

So you know that the course contains 68 mini guides, but these are combined to make up 9 modules.   

You'll receive one module each week for 9 weeks.

Here's what you can expect to learn each week: 

Module 1: Who You Are
  • Discover who your ideal clients are, so you can attract people
    most likely to buy.
  • Discover how to win awards so that you can become the number
    one choice in your client’s eyes
  • Discover how to properly position the prices of your treatments to make
    sure you are paid what you are worth 
Module 2: In The Salon
  • Learn how to sell more products so you can release the hidden profits in your business
  • Discover the secrets of price lists and menus so you can have them working for you to maximise your sales
  • Learn the power of extending treatments so that you can maximise each client spend with you
Module 3: Your Team
  • Understand how to look after your team properly so you can reduce staff turnover and have staff eager to come to work each day
  • Understand outsourcing so you can forget about having to worry about the jobs you can’t (or don’t want!) to do
  • Learn why your team are one of your greatest assets so you can tap into their collective brainpower and experience
Module 4: Building A Loyal Fanbase 
  • Understand how to build relationships with your clients so they keep coming back time and time again
  • Learn the power of referrals so that your current clients are out promoting your business to everyone they meet
  • Learn how to implement a loyalty scheme so that your clients have even more reason to come back to you more often
Module 5: Your Marketing
  • Understand why your client database is the most important asset in your business and how to make the most of this
  • Learn how to test your marketing efforts so that you know exactly what is working and what isn’t
  • Learn what has worked for me in my businesses so that you can swipe and deploy the same tactics in your business
Module 6: Your Website
  • Discover what elements are needed on your website so that you can maximise your enquiries
  • Understand why you must be using video on your website so you can harness the power of this incredible tool
  • Learn how to tap in to email marketing so you can build relationships and make more sales
Module 7: Getting Traffic
  • Learn the best ways to get paid and free traffic so you can maximise the number of visits to your website
  • Discover the secret which put me straight to the top of the Google search so that you can do the same for your business
  • Learn why using discount voucher sites can be crippling for your business so that you don’t end up with a diary full of customers who don’t value what you’re truly worth
Module 8: Social Media
  • Understand how each social media platform differs so you can work out which are the best fit for your business
  • Learn some of the tricks I used to grow my salon’s Facebook page to over 9,000 fans so that you can do the same for your page
  • Discover why the social media platform you’re probably using the least could be the one to give your business the biggest boost
Module 9: Offline Media
  • Understand why not everything should be online and how traditional advertising formats are becoming cheaper so that you can cash in
  • Discover how running local events can give you a real boost so that you can become the most talked about business in town
  • Discover the additional income stream I added to my business which catapulted my earnings through the roof so that you can implement the same strategy in your business
But that’s not all…
  • I’ve added a HUGE bonus for you!  An accompanying workbook to help you take action as you work through the course
  • This will help you understand each module further so you can easily apply each lesson to your business
  • You can print these off each week so you’ve a permanent record of your goals and achievements - this means you can simply run at your own pace. There is no way you’ll be left behind - however busy you get with your business, children or life!
But it STILL gets even better!!

I’ve added another special bonus just for the action takers.

When you purchase today then you’ll also be eligible for my secret VIP Facebook group which is full of other hair and beauty business owners like you sharing best practices and encouraging each other onto greater success.  They too will be completing the course at the same time as you.  

You're not left to go it alone!   

There you’ll find additional help so you can implement my program as well as encouragement, help and advice.   You’ll also make some friends and other contacts along the way!

You’ll hear not only from me but also from other beauty business owners just like you who are also putting the program into place in their business. They’ll be facing the same challenges as you - there is no need to go it alone!

We’ll all be there to hold your hand all the way through your 9 weeks and beyond!

Now, I know that you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy.  Unless you've been receiving my information for a while you might think I don't know what I talking about!

But, don’t take my word for it.

Listen to what these beauty business owners just like you who completed the program last year have to say...

"I'm only on my first week but so far the information has been great - the private Facebook group has been a great source of support from like minded salon owners.  I was pleasantly surprised at how in-depth the workbooks and advice are!  I know that taking the 9 weeks to really look at my business and what I want to do - coupled with Hollie's and the group's support  - I will get exactly where I want to be."

Claire Lowndes, The Beauty Boutique

"I signed up and have found the modules very useful, the information that we are given and the way in which I am now looking at our business going forward is much more focused.  I cannot recommend your workshop highly enough, thanks Hollie!"

Clare Mahoney, Beautiful of Royton 

"6 months ago I was at best getting 4 clients a week average, I cleaned 3 mornings per week and didn't really advertise but thought that everyone would tell everyone else that I am amazing and they would come flocking. I'm fairly newly qualified so kept undervaluing my skill set and cheapening my service just to keep the few clients I was getting.

Then I started to search for ways to improve my business so I could give up the cleaning and provide for my family. I came across lots of information but I really connected to Hollie's message. With a few simple tweaks I now have double the amount of average clients per week that pay full price, they re-book, buy retail and are introducing friends. I have now handed in my notice with my cleaning jobs. What a difference with a little hard work and change of mind set."

Amber Gregory, Beauty By Mrs G

"I'm a hair salon owner in Hebburn (Newcastle) and have had my salon 13 years and I know every aspect of hairdressing and brought the beauty side in just over 5 years ago - I'm also extending my beauty business too! This book has been great as its opened my eyes to how the beauty industry works and how it complements my business Hollie has been a great help and I've felt that it covers everything u need to know to make your business a total success I love this page as we an all work together and help each other too.  Thanks, defo worth the money xx"

Lesley Little, Halo

"I run a very small salon above a hairdressers which I made the decision to do just a year ago. I have signed up for the 9 weeks programme and loving it as it is giving me new things to consider, change and grow in my salon the modules given are really helpful and the Facebook group is great as you feel you have someone to ask any questions and help you along giving me more confidence to run my business thanks Hollie Power!"

Jade Gillick, Beautywrks 

"I would like to give a quick thanks to Hollie Power- she has changed my business completely! For a minimal cost, the information in these workbooks i believe is invaluable. If you are willing to work through the books, you too will start reaping the amazing rewards."

Dassah Fineman, Flutter MK

"Having signed up to 9 weeks, the workbooks are full of valuable information really helping me change my business for the better, thank you Hollie - such great value for what you get."

Debi Stammers, Mirror Mirror Hair and Beauty

"I'm relaunching my salon to bigger and better premises this year and Hollie's 9 week course so far has made me really think about what I want to do and how to achieve it - I love the printable workbooks.  The information guidance and advice given is priceless!  Thanks Hollie and everyone on the private page."

Vicky Bryce, Abundance Hair and Beauty

By now you’re probably wondering,
“How much does this cost, Hollie?” 

A complete top-to-bottom overhaul of your business, like this program offers, will have massive value for you.

Of that I am positive.

If you implement the strategies and complete the exercises then I've no doubt at all that 2019 will be a very happy year for you indeed!

I could have easily priced it at £299, £499 or even £999 and at those prices I still believe you’d have got tremendous value and more than made your investment back.  

I've seen other courses priced at those points and I doubt very much they'd be half as complete as this course which is designed specifically for the hair and beauty industries and nobody else.    

But I didn’t want to do this.

I wanted to make it even more accessible for you.

I wanted to make it such a no-brainer that the decision making process was all but taken away from you.

That’s why I’m selling this for just £149+VAT.

Yes, just £149 + VAT.

That makes each mini plan - any one of which could have a massive impact on your business - less than £2.50 each!

What can you buy for £2.50 nowadays?  Not much, that's for sure.

And certainly not something which could genuinely change you life.

So, what’s my hidden motive?

Why am I practically giving this away?

Well simply because I am more interested in gaining your trust and confidence as a client than I am in making as much money as possible from this.

I also know that if you implement the steps you’ll experience huge successes and will not only tell others but will come back again and again in the future.

Plus, don’t forget that the product comes with my awesome money back guarantee. 

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason within the first 90 days then I’ll give you your money back. Yup, I’ll take all the risk for you.

Look, firstly I KNOW my system works and will knock you off your feet. My own business has exploded over the last few years and I’ve taken the formula, tweaked it so that it is even better now and laid it out for you to copy.

Even if you only took one element each week and implemented it into your business then I know it would have a profound impact on your business and on your life.

But, I also realise you’re probably skeptical so I wanted to remove any hesitation or doubt you may have.

Second, I trust you to be fair and not take advantage of me or my offer.

Just get it and try it out.  Prove to yourself that it is all I say it is.

And remember if you don’t think it’s right for you then I’ll gladly give you your money back. 

You have nothing to lose, everything to gain and zero risk.

Get ready to make 2018 the best one you’ve ever had with new, loyal and repeat customers beating a path to their door throughout the year and beyond, creating a buzz around your business like never before and putting an end to any cash flow problems.

You can do it and I want to show you how,

Hollie x

P.S. I’ve already had a few questions asked regarding my system so I thought I’d share them with you in case you were wondering the same.

Frequently Asked Questions...
Is this a get rich quick scheme for my business? 
No, it isn’t.  There is no such thing. Success comes after hard work.  I’ll give you the strategies and the templates but you have to do the legwork. I can’t be there working in your business for you.   
I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up as I don’t have much spare time each week as it is. Is this right for me? 
Welcome to the gang! We are all time poor these days and I appreciate many people have home lives, families and children to juggle.  That’s why this is delivered digitally for you to study at your own pace.

If you get behind then that’s fine. The course is designed that you can select the ones you deem most important to you at that moment in time. You get to keep all of the materials so you can refer to the other mini plans whenever is convenient for you.   This will be a resource you'll keep coming back to time and time again for as long as you're in business.

I have a hair salon and not a beauty salon, will this work for me? 
Absolutely, yes! This is written for the beauty industry however the two are so closely linked that the strategies and techniques you’ll learn can just as easily be applied to hair businesses, nail businesses, holistic businesses, aesthetic businesses or any other sector within this fantastic and exciting industry of ours.   
Is the material simple to understand?    
Yes! It’s all been written by me and I’ve kept it in jargon free and easy to read English as much as possible.
What happens if I buy the course but decide it isn’t right for me?
Just let me know within 90 days and you can have your money back. I can’t say any fairer than that.